01. If you don't wear a helmet when you ride your bicycle, the current [penalty] is about equal to the cost of buying a new helmet.
02. The hockey player got a two minute [penalty] for interfering with the goalie.
03. In a language class, it is hard not to [penalize] shy students because you don't hear them enough to properly evaluate their speaking skill.
04. If you do not pay off your car within a year, you will have to pay an additional [penalty] of 5%.
05. The [penalty] for drug dealing in some countries is death.
06. He received the maximum [penalty] for assaulting and robbing the elderly couple.
07. The [penalties] for plagiarism at the university are very severe.
08. By 2004, the number of countries that had abolished the death [penalty] for all crimes finally outnumbered those that still practice it.
09. Financial [penalties] are used in place of imprisonment for a variety of crimes in this country.
10. The last words of one convicted killer in Texas just before he was executed were "Remember, the death [penalty] is murder."
11. In ancient Athens, the olive tree was considered sacred, and the death [penalty] was imposed on anyone caught cutting one down.
12. In seventeenth-century Japan, no citizen was allowed to leave the country on [penalty] of death, and anyone caught coming or going without permission was executed on the spot.
13. The [penalty] for killing a cow in Nepal can be up to 20 years in jail.
14. Wheeler Robinson once said that the [penalty] of leadership is loneliness.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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